Export your products to America.

Get verified Importers & Agents in America

Why should you Export to America?

The US is the largest market in the world and imports from all major countries
USA legal system is extremely elaborate and based upon British legal system, which is also the platform of our Indian legal system.
The largest population of consumers with continuous demands for new products.
Around $19 Trillion GDP, 22% of the Globe and highest in the world.
World’s best communication network
US Dollar is the most powerful currency in the world
USA and India have fast-growing strategic alliance

Get consistent export orders from the USA

With more than 30 years track record of hand on Export, we help you to find the verified importers and agents for your products in the USA, so that you get consistent export orders for your business.

What we do?:

We source, verify and arrange international trade partners specific to your need. We assist in country to country trade compliance rules, both technical and commercial. We can arrange, consignment certification, foreign bank ratings, face to face video introduction and legal support to our Clients.

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